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At YPC, our inspectors work extra hard to help you identify problem areas, find the most cost effective solutions and manage your property repairs through to your satisfaction and completion whether you are just improving, buying or selling a property.


Your YPC Inspector will address all of your concerns and make you aware of any additional safety issues, improper installations or repairs that need to be done with a level ranging from minor to moderate and major issues.

- Air Quality

- Mold Remediation

- Buyer / Seller

- Annual Condition & Maintenance

- Bylaw & Code Standards

- Duplex & Multi Family Dwellings

- Insurance, Fire & Flood

- Safety & General Condition

- Plumbing &  Electrical

- Radon, Gas & Other Emmissions

- Heating & Air Conditioning

- Irrigation

- Addition / Renovation Permits

- Forward Thinking & Value Added Planning

To help us to help you, please complete the following form, indicate which Self Inspection Form(s) you would like to receive from the list on the right and submit your Inquiry to receive your free forms.


Please outline the current general condition of your property then Indicate if you are a Buyer, Seller or a Property Owner that requires one of the above specific inspections or if you are looking for general advice about specific problems or issues concerning your property.


A YPC Inspector will contact you within 72 hours of receiving your completed Questionnaire.

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